There are several facts of the golf club; initially, the ball is stroked in the name of golf. Here, along the shaft is present with a grip on one end along with the weighted head on the other side. The major protocols of the golf allow the golfer in order to carry up to fourteen different clubs. Each and everyone are designed for a particular situation during the game. The golf clubs are manufactured from a list of the materials which include the metal, plastic, ceramics, composite including the wood. These materials are based on the mechanical properties which include the strength, elasticity, formability, damping, and density etc. Generally, the club shafts are made from the chrome plated steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium etc. The grips are typically made from the molded synthetic rubber or it can also be the wrapped leather. On the other side of the flip, the club head for the drivers including the wood is made from the stainless steel, titanium including the graphite fiber reinforced epoxy. The popularity of the golf is expected to grow each and every day. Day by day as the recreational payers are increased, there is a great emphasis for the concerned design clubs in order to make the game a more enjoyable one.