Golf is the one and only game where it is enjoyed by both the players and the folks. This gigantic game requires proper concentration; it is also enjoyed well by most of the professional athletes. Most of the folks consider this game is easy to learn, but not everyone is good at the game. The basic protocols of this game include hitting the ball with the club. On the other side of the flip, the ball is directly hit into the hole.

What do you mean by the golf course?

Generally, the golf is played on the course and the green area of the course is popularly known to be the fairway. Overall it consists of the 18 holes; the golfers can play about a nine holes course in order to play a full game of the eighteen holes. The game begins initially by standing at the teeing green and the ball is projected towards the putting green. Overall the length is from the teeing green to the hole and it varies in the different factors depending on the course. Here, most of the courses have the holes that are viewed from the teeing green. These courses use the different lengths of the grass in order to enhance the difficulty of the game. The area which is close to the hole; the grass will be shorter and also smooth so that it goes easily to the hole. The entire course may also consist of the hazards which include the sand dunes or the lakes. The major goal is to play as the few stokes; the score is usually expressed as a major difference between the strokes and the par score. The common scores have a list of the specific terms such as the albatross, eagle, birdie, par, and bogey etc.

What are the general rules of golf?

In order to play a golf, initially a set of the clubs which is not more than fourteen of different length and the sizes which include a set of the golf balls including the golf bag. There is a list of the accessories available and the beginner can initiate with the clubs, balls including the bag. Next, it is important to decide on the type of the golf game. Stroke play is the most played type of the game for generally all along with the professionals. It just uses the number of strokes in order to complete the game in order to determine the score. The player who is initiated with the lowest amount of the strokes is considered as the winner.

Basic factors of Golf

There are several basic factors of golf such as equipment, a number of clubs permitted golf ball, tee, golf shoes, golf bag, golf swing, par, and scoring etc. Generally, the golf balls are spherical and it is white in color; the drag is decreased in the air turbulence and thus allowing the ball to fly further. The tee is allowed for the first stroke; only for the first stroke. Most of the players wear the golf shoes along with the metal or the plastic strikes in order to enhance the traction. It is the most subjected to the long and the more accurate shots. Golf bags are used to transport the golf clubs. They have a list of the pockets which are specially designed for the equipment such as the tees, balls including the gloves. These bags can be carried easily pulled on the cart especially during the play. Usually, the players start with the non-dominant side of the body by just facing the target. Then the ball is positioned in the center of the players especially for the putters and here the golfer chooses the grip. Then they chose the golf club and the stroke more or less nearer to the distance.

What do you mean by the handicap?

It is nothing but the numerical measure in order to play the golf over the general course of the eighteen holes. This one can be applied to the match play competition. Actually, it represents the total number of the strokes and it is achieved on above the average day. The real fact is that it is not used in the professional golf. It often scores the several strokes and they have the calculated handicap of zero or less than that which means there is an enhancement of the strokes to the round score. On the other side of the flip, it is also referred to as the scratch golfer.

Generally, the golfers start along with the non-dominant side of the body; the feet are apart with the middle irons and the putters. There are several unknown facts such as the drive is used on the tee box; the approach is used in the mid-distance shots, the chip is used for the shorter distances around the green. The main goal of the chip is allowed to roll out towards the hole. Then the putt is also used in the shorter distance; nearer to the green can also be included. The main goal of the putt is to get the ball in the hole or closer to the hole as the possible; it is an interesting game. It is totally in the player’s hands to play it well. Posted 18 hours ago

Golf Desforges FAQ

Yes, like many other golf courses we do have a dress code that is white and green color of dress for the members and this is provided to them while going to the club.
Even though we have such a vast area for golfing, we have limited the number of members per session up to 80 people. This is to maintain a sophisticated facility for the members to enjoy the fullest of the golfing experience.
Yes, we have special places for the members to advertise their services and the products in the areas where it is visible for all the people.
Our website has more sophisticated features for the members to book functions and also to enroll in the tournaments so that they can participate in the matches.
Yes, bringing own food and supplying your food to others or opening a stall are all welcomed by the group. But if you wish we will provide food, although you have to inform it beforehand your arrival at the club.
Bookings will open 60 days before the tournament and the registration ceases before 15 days of the tournament.
Pairing up and playing alone is solely dependent on the availability of the course. In case of shortage in the course availability, Golf Desforges has all the rights to pair you up with anyone

About Golf De Forges

Golf De Forges is a team of professionals united to bring a world-class golf side living culture to France. Our amazing course is being a heaven for the golfer and which give a pleasant and refreshing feeling for players. Along with the fantastic topographical features in and around the locality will create an unforgettable moment for the fresher to begin dectaruber applications